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    Bistro Meringues started with a moment of inspiration. Three years ago, during a time of career transition, owner/baker Martha Glass had the idea to start a new company making small batch French-style meringue cookies. No one else was making these delightful, healthy treats and Martha saw the potential for enormous creativity in developing new cookie flavors, starting with the very first Bistro Meringue flavor: Cherry Chocolate, a true original.

    Three years and many happy customers later, Bistro Meringues come in 9 delicious flavors as well as Vanilla Dessert Cups. You’ll find Bistro Meringues in many local shops and grocery stores including Kowalski’s, Lunds & Byerly’s, and Whole Foods. See the complete “where to buy” list below.

    In the spirit of creativity, Bistro Meringues now offers vanilla meringue dessert cups. The dessert cups are like a blank canvas for the home cook. We take care of the tricky part -  getting the meringues just right – so that you can have all the fun of coming up with your own gourmet creation. See our Recipes page for inspiration or share your favorite idea on our Facebook Page.

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    Bistro Meringues are available at the following locations:

    Kowalski’s  – all nine Minnesota locations!
    Most Lunds and Byerly’s locations
    Jerry’s Foods – Edina & Eden Prairie
    Whole Foods – 4 Metro locations
    Golden Fig – St. Paul, MN
    Fleurish – Wayzata, MN
    Seward Co-op – Minneapolis
    ZZest Market – Rochester, MN

    Bistro Meringues is located in Minneapolis/St. Paul. 

    We welcome your questions or comments, so feel free to contact us.

    sales@bistrotreats.com / 612.386.3111


    Photography by Terra Rathai / Avant Garden Photography